Things to do in Langkawi

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The biggest island measuring around 478.5 sqr km is the stand out with a genuine environment. Just about as extensive as the island of Singapore, it is still all that much undeveloped. Clad with wildernesses in the inside, it is bordered by dazzling shorelines scattered along its coast.

April ordinarily brings evening showers and the infrequent tempest that can push the every day temperature descending and keep the highs at or beneath 30 degrees. This is one of the best times of year to go here for cooler temperatures. Langkawi appeal is all in exploring in its tendency land and water alike and can be delighted in by guests of all ages.

The local people are extremely friendly and Langkawi is a child cordial spot. Most inns have great children’s clubs. Please don’t feed the wild creatures. If you are around monkeys, ensure your youngsters aren’t conveying anything in their grasp. They can get entirely forceful in the need; Langkawi Dragon Fruit Farmespecially eatery. At Langkawi Dragon Fruit Farm, children of all ages will appreciate the ride around the 80-acre of a land site in open top transport. The transport stops at the trees that have fruits and the guide clarifies the dietary and therapeutic worth values of plants.

Discover one of Langkawi excellent waterfalls by moving towards eminent Telaga Tujuh falls. Here you can wonder, trek, and sprinkle around in the midst of some just dazzling normal landscape. It’s a touch of a tough trek to achieve the falls, however, nothing anyone with a moderate level of wellness can not manage, extra fitness is required. The guided visit is a decent approach to finding out about the surroundings ferry to Langkawi at a decent rate. They will shock you with the data they share with trees, herbs, and creatures.

There is a rice museum it’s worth watching, at rice museum the staff take you around and clarify the procedure of planting and gathering rice. It is situated opposite of Meritus Pelangi Spa Resort.

Opening Hours: 8:00am – 5.00pm and 8:00am – 6.00pm (Public occasion).

A shoreline visit is an absolute necessity when in Langkawi. On the off chance that you like shorelines peaceful, clean, and lovely make a moving towards the Tanjung Rhu, which has a particular heaven island feel to it. There’s one and only resort here and it’s a serene spot to unwind for 60 minutes.The zone has another spot nearby, notwithstanding Kilim Jetty, where you can mastermind a boat ride to visit Langkawi one of the mangrove timberlands.

If you plan your food at family-run eateries, it’ll be acknowledged in the event that you round up your bill according to how you have planned. There is no open transport in Langkawi. The most advantageous method of getting around is to lease an auto or motorbike, in spite of the fact that taxis are promptly accessible in many spots.

To and From the Airport Jetty-taxi charges from the airplane terminal incorporate Kuah jetty (RM30), Pantai Cenang or Pantai Kok (RM20), Tanjung Rhu (RM45) and Teluk Datai (RM70). The charge from Kuah jetty to Pantai Cenang is RM30. Purchase a coupon at the airport desk before leaving the airplane terminal and use it to pay the driver.

Exciting Getting Car in Langkawi

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Having Langkawi Car Rental is a superior thought than sitting tight for a taxi each time for moving around to somewhere else. Enlisting an auto offer opportunity of development, as well as provides a feeling of freedom where the procuring party is a manager and is not bound to take a confined time arrangement. In the event that you want to contract an auto for a week, you can move uninhibitedly without taking after the watch.

Employing an extravagance from Langkawi car rental is one of the rarest things individuals like to do. In the event that you are partial to super autos, procuring a Lamborghini or Bentley may sound a superior thought to you. Apparently, enlisting these autos may seem, by all accounts, to be an extravagant arrangement. However, the method can be changed over to the drive of your fantasy, if extravagance and class are your plans for the living. Particularly, if you need to enlist the one for cruising around with your better half, you will never think twice about it and will dependable value your extravagant date.

Explanations behind contracting an extravagance auto for moving around the city with your sweetheart

Traveling around in a Lamborghini or a Bentley with a lover is a matter to feel glad about furthermore an issue to gloat about before every one of the companions.

  1. It seems incredible to have your darling with you when you are headed to the most stunning drives in your life.
  2. It feels wonderful when individuals frown at both of you and the auto. It gives a feeling of pride that makes you feel in a universe you had always wanted.
  3. Your companions may begrudge you for dating with your better half in a heavenly auto.
  4. Feel the delight of sentiment all through the route in a gorgeous and tasteful style.
  5. No other feeling can be superior to anything getting a charge out of light and sentimental music in one’s most loved auto when going around with the darling.

Cruising around in an extravagance car from car rental services with a sweetheart is an exceptionally individual issue, and it must be unique inside and out.

A man who is arranging an exceptional commute must find out about the terms of enlisting a Lamborghini or a Bentley before procuring to maintain a strategic distance from any mistaken assumptions with the merchants later on.


Procuring a Lamborghini or Bentley may end up being an extremely extravagant arrangement if your financial plan is not ideal. Whoever enlists an auto is subjected to a few unessential expenses that are incorporated in the rent, and the client is at risk to pay that add up to the organization.

Aside from that one who contracts an auto must know driving. If a man is bad at driving, the conceivable outcomes of harms to the investment property get higher. When the vehicle is a top of the line extravagance auto like Bentley, Audi, Lamborghini or Ferrari, any harm to the property arrive the contracting party into a major inconvenience.

The other issue that individuals regularly confronts with top of the line extravagance autos from Langkawi Car Rental are that these are not as simple to drive as the standard ones so in the event that you are not confident about you  are driving, you must try it out. It will be ideal to stay all right to avoid any inconveniences later on for encountering a standout amongst the most uncommon and sentimental drives of your life.

Consider Expanding To Asean

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Today, ASEAN countries have become one of the most chosen tourist destinations amongst people from all over the globe. This is because it offers a blend of beaches, malls, sightseeing and beauty of flora and fauna. Hence, ASEAN houses every possible thing which is quintessential for a holiday.

Here are list of places you can choose for your holiday and the reason why you should go there:



You can begin your journey by landing at Malaysia, consider car rental from Easybook Malaysia Car Rental as well.  This city is a part of the island of Borneo and is well known for its rainforests, beaches and blend of different places with Indian culture.

Things to see there:

  • Petronas Tower– One of the trademarks of Malaysia, it is situated in Kuala Lumpur. The tall towers and its lighting is just mesmerizing
  • Batu Caves- This is a must-see caves in Limestone hill which falls on the way to Genting Highland
  • Genting Highland- Get a feel of hill station by visiting this place. Take a ropeway and witness the rainforest, hills, and cold weather. Also visit the theme park and spend an evening at casino
  • Danga Bay- This a Chinese recreational park which is a must see
  • Istana Negara– This is a royal palace which gives full British scenario
  • National Monument- This a war memorial which has been beautified in a unique manner



Post Malaysia, you can take a ferry ride to Brunei. This is a small nation of ASEAN on the island of Borneo. It is neighboured by Malaysia and South China Sea. This place is popular amongst people who love beaches and biodiverse rainforest.

Things to see there:

  • Istana Nurul Imam- This is a royal place which resides Sultan of Brunei.
  • Brunei Museum- This gives an insight into the history of Brunei
  • Jerudong Park– Spend one day at this theme park and enjoy utmost



A city is known for its cheap shopping, it is the capital of Bangkok.

Things to see

  • Grand Palace- Residence of Kings of Siam
  • Wat Arun- A Buddhist temple
  • Walking street- This is a must visit place for all the shopaholics
  • Khao Yai (Things to do in Khao Yai)- Its one of the dense national forest which houses all types of floral and fauna



This is one of the cleanest and planned countries of ASEAN.

Things to see

  • Sentosa Island- This is an Island resort where you can visit the Universal Studios which is the theme park
  • Singapore Zoo- This is one of the zoos which you wouldn’t want to miss, Do take the night safari there
  • Jurong Bird park- This place will make you witness all types of birds in this world
  • Underwater world – This a Mariana theme park which is a walk to remember
  • Singapore Flyer- This will give you a feel of London eye

You can also plan a trip to The Philippines if you exceptionally crave for blue water beaches with clean, fresh surrounding. It’s a complete relaxation package where you can take the sun bath and enjoy the serenity of the beach.

It’s always important to refer the blogs before planning a trip to any place. This is because people share true perspective which will make your trip much better.

Never miss again…

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I found that from now onwards, I would require some more time in covering every country as their uniqueness is intriguing me to a great extent. It certainly requires a longer stay in each country, so that the entire essence of Asia is grasped completely.

vientianeAfterwards, we approached towards the Golden Snail which is an IMAX theatre known for providing wide range of entertainment. The site includes photographers as well as people enthusiast for architecture in a distinct style. It is known to flaunt a golden yellow color and the construction got its inspiration from the Golden Apple Snail.

Vientiane – The Capital City of Laos

The next day we boarded another cruise and departed for Vientiane, the capital city of Laos. As soon as we landed there, we were surprised by the charming beauty of this uniquely known destination. The city is known to comprise of heavy French influence and is well known for its lovely environment. Though, it is a small city when compared to Bangkok, but holds lot of historic as well as cultural sites for the tourists.

Healing and Spa Package

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Healing and relaxing doing spa, I think everyone love it. Who don’t like to relax and doing nothing? Perhaps that’s a price to pay right?


Relax and wait for our next update. Birdwing-Spa will come back to you shortly.